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Academic Papers

Deep Learning based Image Similarity Approach for Hotel Images 17.09.2021 International Online Conferences on Engineering and Natural Sciences, IOCEANS’ 21, July 5-7 2021, Gumushane University

Determining the Weights of the Least Squares for NonLinear DataSets by Entropy Measures
Master of Science Thesis – Hıncal Topçuoğlu

Using Entropy Measures in Weighted Least Squares with Non-Linear Datasets
Conference Paper, 1st International Applied Statistics Conference, UYIK 2020 Tokat Turkey, 1-4 October 2020

Preventing Image Duplication Using Similarity Methods,
Full Paper, 5th International Conference, ICENTE21 Konya Turkey, November 18-20,2021

A Real Life Case for Predicting Sales of Bus Tickets,
Full Paper, International Conference on Engineering Technologies ICENTE22 Konya, Turkey, November 17-19 2022

Hotel Recommendation System for,
Abstract Paper, ICONSAD22, 2nd International Congress on Scientific Advances 21-24 December 2022

AI-Based Sales Prediction for Budget Management, ARACONF 2023, 29 March 2023