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Welcome to the world of AI..

Learn and develop yourself by the tech of future..

One to One Online Lessons

This type of education in educaX is tailored almost for your prior knowledge, areas that you interested in and improve yourself..

Online Group Lessons

If you want to join to online lessons with your group friends or people similar to you, your lessons will be designated on group focus..

General Educations

As educaX, We are planning short / long term educations that divided in submodules. If you want, you can enroll to them..

Corporate Data Science / Machine Learning / AI Educations and Consultancy..

As a company, if you have data and want to use it in a more efficient way, increase your profits, understand your users / customers behaviour and so forth.. We serve consultancy for you..

We know the value in Data in the era of AI..

Now, new source is “data” not petrol..So we are open minded to develop all intelligent systems tailored for sectors and businesses.. Keep in touch..!


Let’s work together, we are excited to hear from you!